My family has been in construction and masonry work for several generations. My grandfathers began in Europe, and continued as laborers when they came to America. My father and uncles continued the work since the 1920’s on. My family and I worked diligently in masonry and construction, and then began to operate our own businesses. Having built our companies from the ground up, we have a complete understanding of the scope of the work. We do old world masonry and construction work with an eye to detail and quality.

Doing one job at a time with our dedicated team, we assure each customer full focus and individuality. All of our work is done in-house; we do your complete job ourselves from beginning to end. We take the time to develop a full understanding of our customers' desires, needs, and individual requirements. Carefully reviewing the scope of the work before beginning, we take the planning time neccessary to assure punctual and economical completion of your project.

We have many long-term relationships with our customers, having done numerous jobs for many of them over the years. Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd's Neck, Lloyd Harbor, and Northport are some of the communities where we have satisfied clients. Contact us yourself and let us show you what we can do for you.


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Boulder Masonry LLC

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